Table of Contents

1. Switch- off your mobile phones

From Whatsapp to Instagram, Facebook to Twitter, our mobile phone is the door to social media. No matter how fascinating that might be; at least during studying you might want to keep that door closed.


2. Pick your spot

Find the spot that best suites you for studying. For some that might be a study table, others might want to sit on their couch while studying, but whatever it is that you find best for you, stick to it.


3. A little music never harmed anyone

Studies have proven listening to soft music while studying, increases productivity. As long as you’re not too involved in the lyrics that you get carried away, everything works fine.


4. Exercises and Meditation

Exercises and Meditation increase concentration power which helps you to study for longer duration without getting distracted.


5. Breaks

Taking small breaks between studying is necessary to maintain efficiency. Plan your breaks depending upon your concentration level, fix the break time and make sure you’re back when the break ends and not take too long to get back to studying again.


6. Self Talk

Sometimes the things that distract you don’t come from outside, but from within. It may be a fight you had with your friend or an argument with your parents that you may be thinking about. Whatever it is, talk it out, to study better.



7. Organize

From books in your room to the stationery you’ll be using, everything should be organized. You should pre plan your studies and collect all resources in one place that you’ll be needing . Outer order contributes to inner calm.

8. Incentives

Set small quantitative goals daily, for example, the number of pages or the number of topics you aim to cover in a particular day, and on the completion of those goals, reward yourself. Your reward may even be as small as a chocolate.


9. Don’t Compare

Comparing yourself with your peers is not going to lead you anywhere. Everybody works at their own pace and you should plan according to your pace.

10. Inspiration comes from within

Do not forget that there is nothing a determined person can’t do. Inspire yourself, every day. Nothing and no one can help you, until you yourself do.

By- Pragya Achantani




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