10 Ways To Improve Your English Language


Today we have 10 important points which can help you in learning English. 10 Ways To Improve Your English Language. Learning another language not only entails learning a few words and grammar but moreover, it includes learning a culture. It is equally exciting and rewarding. Since you have decided to embark on this journey to learn English, we have enlisted 10 ways to improve your English faster than ever.

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1. Walk English, Talk English, Laugh English.

Most efficient way to truly improve your language skills is by using it. It’s Simple! Start talking in English. You can communicate with your friends, colleagues or talk to foreigners via social sites. You can learn and you can even socialize. Keep a mirror handy for some good self-talk. Boost some morale, shall we?

2. Watch English movies.

Like every other teen maybe, I learned English from Harry Potter series, the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly place and new things are still being added. I am a big fan of the game of thrones! But you have to remember to watch these shows in English and with subtitles. Assuming you are a beginner, you might miss a few dialogues because of different accents, but being patient is the key.

3. Eat novels, blogs, and newspapers.

Read blogs! I am pretty happy to see you on this one as well. Newspapers enhance your vocabulary and keep you updated. As a child, one of the most amazing novels I read was “The Alchemist”. Later, I went on to “The Kite Runner”, “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and from the Indian shelves I took “I too had a love story”, “Two States” and “The three mistakes of my life”.

4. Start listening to English Music.

Rihanna was my best friend when I was happy. Taylor Swift came in when you are sad and raps of Eminem teach you the rules of survival. Tell us in the comment section below, Who is your go-to musician in your times of distress or love? I strongly recommend Closer by The Chainsmokers, to begin with.

5. Write in English.

Jot down your thoughts. You can blog; you can write articles. Participate in essay writing competitions. We can surely use more poems or short stories in this world. The beauty lies around and in abundance; it is now your duty to capture it in your words and experiences. If you don’t start to write immediately, you are in for a long haul my friend.

6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Staying motivated is in itself a daunting task. Whenever we wish to try out something new; as soon as the beginner’s luck runs out, we often give up. Maybe we are too afraid to make mistakes. Well make mistakes, this is the only way to learn. Unless you are corrected, you are wrong, isn’t it? Mistakes are your steps to improvement.

7. Little by little every day- make a notebook.

Find, dig, hunt, beg, borrow or steal commonly used English expressions and note them down somewhere. Make your notes every day and Revisit them you will notice a remarkable improvement in yourself.

8. Relate word meanings with sentences.

One of the major challenges while learning a new language is remembering the meanings of all the words. One way to tackle this is by trying to remember sentences while learning new words.

For instance, assume you want to learn the word “notch” (a verb meaning achieve). A trick to remember the meaning is by remembering the sentence, ‘the world champion notched up four wins’.

9. Don’t translate, think in English.

Another common mistake with new languages is that while producing content or sentences in a conversation or anywhere else, we tend to think in our native (or best known) language and then translate it to English. This isn’t the best way. To come up with better results, think in English. Produce sense from the words of English only. Translation in a rare few cases doesn’t even exist. For example, ‘Jhoothan’ in English has no one-word translation.

10. Tests.

Test yourself regularly. There are several mock tests available online you can participate in those test. Now don’t waste your time and start your preparations and If you have any doubts or query, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Divya Singal


  1. I have been trying to talk English, walk English and laugh English since I begin learning English, but I am very shy so I hardly open mounth. I have been tending to watch TV and newspaper in English for 2 years, but I don’t completely understand them, even make me misunderstand, so I can’t keep on. what is nice is that I have started to listen to English songs, have used English to text and email to my classmates and teachers. I have been replying from my patients inquired on Whatsapp for 6 months. I have made a few of shows on social media on the wechat channel. I must to change my status that I have mainly taken classes and done homeworks. I have seen from the text or essay.


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