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India is a developing country that has a population estimated to be over 1.3 billion. The unemployment rate in the country is at approximately 7.8%. Like in most developing countries, the youth form a large number of the country’s unemployed persons. India is also advancing technologically at a fast pace, and this is evident from the increasing presence of tech and e-commerce giants, penetration of the internet, and the affordability of smartphones and computers.

Unemployed persons in India can leverage the available technological infrastructure to secure or create new ways to earn money. Here are 10 ways to earn money in India in 2021.

Buying and Selling (Trading) Of Domains

Every website on the internet has a name. For instance, Facebook’s domain name is You can buy domain names then sell them for a profit. There are different domain selling websites on the internet. GoDaddy and Namecheap are some of the trusted sites that have great deals on domain names. You can buy a domain name from these sites for as low as $10 then sell it for hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands.

As you can see, you can make a lot of money flipping domain names. Can you become rich overnight? The answer is yes and no. You can become rich overnight if you beat a startup, individual, or corporate that has a strong financial muscle to buying a certain domain name because they will be willing to spend a considerable amount of cash to buy it from you. However, the chances of this happening are very small and this is why it is very unlikely to get rich overnight from domain trading.

Sell on Amazon or Other Leading Ecommerce Sites

Residents of India can either opt to partner with international ecommerce giants like Amazon, Shopify, and Flipkart or they can opt to create personalized online stores that are affiliated to local/regional ecommerce brands. International and regional ecommerce brands have a massive appeal among consumers because of the security and convenience they allow shoppers to enjoy. Knowing this, stock up, then list your products on sites like Amazon or Flipkart to gain access to buyers from different regions of the world. You can improve your brand’s popularity delivering authentic products that are free of defects to your clientele.

Cryptocurrency Trading and Mining

First, let’s get acquainted with cryptocurrencies (cryptos). The term “cryptocurrencies” has been increasingly becoming popular since the launch of bitcoin in January 2009. Cryptos are digital currencies that unlike fiat or conventional currency, are not controlled by any central bank or government. Residents of India can make money through the trading of cryptos. There are different legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges that allow people in India to buy different cryptos which they can later sell at a profit.

Cryptocurrency mining is another way residents of India can make money, and it involves completing cryptocurrency transactions for a fee. A crypto-mining rig that completes more transactions will, therefore, bring in more earnings.

Create an Ecommerce Store

An ecommerce store is an online store that allows merchants to sell to buyers from different parts of the world. Find a product that you can sell then set up your online store. How much can you earn from an ecommerce store and can it be the main source of income? An ecommerce store can be the main source of income. You can earn thousands to millions of dollars yearly from your ecommerce store, but this is dependent on what you are selling, how well you are advertising your product, and how big your brand is in its respective space.


You might have come across the term blogging or even heard it from your friends or peers—depending on their hobbies or interests. Simply put, blogging refers to sharing your personal experiences with the world (or your audience). You need to find something that interests you so that you can share it with your audience, for example Sai Bhatti has created where he shares his experience with casinos.

If you live and love fashion, having a Fashion Blog would be a great idea. Your blog could cover the interesting topics you come across in the fashion world, your opinion or take on particular fashion trends, fashion news & events. Other options are blogs about the top artists of the moment, about the best online casino India sites, oru new generation video games. In summary, it could be anything you are passionate about.

Setting up a blog in India is fast. There are different leading websites that offer tailored blogging solutions. WordPress and Wix are by far the most popular blog creating sites but you could also opt for services from sites like Blogger and Tumblr. It is important to verify that the domain name you want to use for your blog hasn’t been taken. Once your blog is running, you can monetize it through advertising via Google AdSense, Direct Ads, or Affiliate marketing.

Become a YouTuber

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world. The site’s search engine is second to Google in terms of size and this explains why more people use it to find video results. YouTube is the ideal platform to share your talent or skills with the world. You can share your music, poems, cooking recipes, comedy, pranks, motivational videos, or whatever you love doing on the platform.

You’ll need a good camera for recording your content. Fortunately, smartphones are becoming more affordable–plus they are coming with advanced cameras that can record videos in HD or 4K. Regularly posting quality content to your YouTube Channel will result in more channel subscriptions, and this will lead to bigger monthly paychecks from YouTube.


You can earn money in India by freelancing. There are different freelancing sites that accept residents of India. Upwork is by far the most popular site among freelancers in India and around the world because of the range of freelancing jobs it has to offer. You can find software development, content creation, web design & development, virtual assistance, and transcription jobs among other gigs on the site. As earlier mentioned, India’s technological space is growing. Unemployed persons or individuals seeking alternative sources of income can, therefore, find different gigs on freelancing sites operating in India.

Offer Virtual Assistance

As earlier mentioned, individuals that reside in India can leverage technology to access novel employment opportunities. You can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars every month as a virtual assistant. Your earnings will be dependent on the virtual service you will be offering and your level of experience. What are some of the tasks that you will be expected to handle as a virtual assistant? The answer will depend on your client’s needs and your abilities. For instance, you might be tasked with handling technical, professional, or social media assistance.

To be a virtual assistant in India, first you need to possess excellent communication skills. Next, you’ll need to be proficient and also have an excellent understanding of your field. Note that Upwork and Fiverr are some of the platforms where residents of India can access virtual assistant jobs.

Affiliate Marketing

Word of mouth marketing was not only popular before the dawn of the internet, but it was also very effective. Word of mouth marketing is still common but it is being fast-replaced by affiliate (referral) marketing. People living in India tend to purchase products or services referred to them during promotions. On the other hand, India is also home to brands like Amazon, Tupperware, and Amway—brands that pay for referrals to their platforms. Residents of India can, therefore, engage in affiliate or referral marketing as a lucrative fulltime or part-time gig. You can increase your affiliate marketing earnings in India by being involved in product campaigns of the most-demanded or trending products in your region.

Offer an Online Course

Are you really good at what you do, or in your professional field? If your answer is yes, here is some great news; there are countless people around the world who would love to learn from you. These individuals are also willing to pay to learn from you, and this is why offering online courses is an excellent way to earn money in India. You need to consider the availability of your “students” before you start offering online classes. That said, you should note that older students prefer evening classes while younger students prefer morning classes. Student availability aside, you also need to be acquainted with the field you intend to offer an online course.



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