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10 tips on how to write an argumentative essay

These ultimate tips for creating an argumentative essay will help you boost your text writing skills and increase your papers’ quality. Following the rules listed in this article, it is essential to practice a lot to create essays as a skilled writer.

What is an argumentative essay?

Let’s begin by focusing on the subject of an argumentative essay. The main attribute of an argumentative essay is the author’s opinion. The writer’s aim is to make readership join his side after reading the article. So, how to make readers do it?

1. Examine the topic as deep as possible

“How to start an argumentative essay?” To answer this question, you must examine the topic from every side. Depending on a field you want to investigate, it must include statistics, researches, historical facts, dates, and numbers. Be sure to collect all the information you can find. How much you know on the topic will define how successful your essay will be. So pay attention to the preparation part and do your “homework” the best you can. Your weapon is an in-depth topic investigation.

2. Form your own opinion on the topic you explore

While you research, you will generate a statement on the essay topic (do not be surprised if your initial message will change after you complete your investigation). Now you are ready to start writing.

3. Use the outline for argumentative essay

Any good text needs to be written according to a plan. Here is the classic structure of an argumentative essay:

1. Introductory paragraph. It develops the topic shortly and engages readers into the text.
2. Body. This part of an essay presents the subject from different sides using facts and arguments.
3. Opposition. It introduces to readers some opposite opinions on the topic.
4. Conclusion. It underlines all the arguments in the body and states the writer’s opinion once again.

4. Make a hook in the introductory paragraph

The intro is aimed to claim the essay topic and consists of three core units: hook, body, and thesis statement. The hook is an important part. You aim to catch readers’ attention and to force them to read an essay to the end.

5.  Fill the body of the essay with interesting facts

The body of an essay contains facts and evidence to support the narrative. The aim is to defend and to explain your opinion by supporting it in different ways. This section is about reasoning with your audience using:

– statistics. Compile different information while remembering that the hypothetical truth is somewhere there in the middle.
– research results. The same rules as for statistics work for the different researches, whether you conducted them yourself or not – use at least three sources.
– proven facts. Apply some common rhetorical facts, such as theorems, historical issues, etc.
– quotations. This element will make your essay shine brighter and will involve readers deeply in the topic.
– brief narratives. You can address people’s backgrounds and activate their common knowledge by involving them in intellectual collaboration.


  1. Use the opposition to the main thesis

Argumentative essays are opinion-based; the body must contain facts and proven data and statistics. Form your opinion before you start compiling the essay. Without the author’s strong opinion on the essay topic, the text will distract readers.

This part shows the author considers the opposite opinion on the essay’s topic and does the research before writing it. An argumentative essay is the full examination of a subject.

Compared to other essay types where you have to choose a side, the argumentative essay shows different sides of the topic. Be sure that your own opinion is understood clearly from the text.


  1. Refute the opposite opinion with ethos, logos, and pathos

After you demonstrate the opposing views, it is essential to refute them using your arguments. This will show you have investigated the subject and are clear about other people’s thoughts but claim your own.

Statements can be used in three common ways: ethos, logos, and pathos.

Ethos in writing means appealing to one of two credentials: credibility or personality. This method will make your text sound trustworthy and expert.

Logos is about logic and realistic facts that appeal to readers’ intellect and knowledge. An example is statistics.

Pathos in writing means readers’ emotional involvement in the topic. This method connects to the audience through feelings. It can rouse readers’ anger, shame, sadness, or compassion.


  1. Structure your opinion using one of the main argumentation strategies

There are three ways to state your opinion on the essay’s subject:

Aristotelian. You present the main argument, from your perspective, and make readers follow your thoughts, explaining why your opinion is correct. Suitable for use when your audience is not familiar with a subject.

Toulmin. State your opinion, then present its grounds, and show the connection between the grounds and the opinion. The goal is to focus on one side of the subject.

Rogerian. This strategy is perfect for polarizing opinions, as it presents acknowledgment of the opposite side and explains the benefits of yours.

9. Do not forget about the conclusion
This part is similar to the essay thesis statement, but try to avoid repeating it word for word. Write a summary that will present the main essay ideas and prove your vision. Thought-provoking messages will be useful to finish the essay.

10. Provoke essay readers to form their own opinion

Remember, a perfect argumentative essay provokes readers to form their own opinion on the topic and forces them to investigate the subject by themselves.

These are the critical tips on how to write an argumentative essay. Using this guide as a layout, you will be capable of writing an article for any topic.

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