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If there was a dreadful subject in school life then it was “Math”.  The ghastly appearance given by concept inside this small word called ’Math’ tortured many of us and is continuing it. The subject that should be enjoyable, fun and interesting and would be required in our life later on, as according to teacher is a white lie for students. Except some brilliant nerds we all were average scorer in Math and used to hate it. Here are 10 things that you can relate if you were also weak in Math. .

1. Lack of interest

When you are weak in a particular subject, you start lacking interest in that subject. The class start appearing so boring that either you are yawning or sleeping in class. It feels as if you are sitting in French or Spanish class. The theorems, lemmas appear to be some creepy creatures written in book discovered by old brilliant people.

2. Lack of confidence

Continuous low marks in mathematics take your confidence away. Sometime even when you understand concept, you do not give try to the problem or start questioning your feeling of being certain. Lack of Self-assurance is the reason you appear in the bottom of list again.

3. Avoid contact with teacher


Being weak in mathematics make you avoid your teacher. Most of students feel clumsy to raise their hand in class for asking a doubt. Even students avoid eye contact when teacher ask “who will solve this question on board?” so that teacher do not call them. Ever did so?

4. Start Cramming

Most of teachers say “Math is the only subject where you do not need to learn“ and actually they are right. Here only practice make you perfect and lead the way. Most of the students start cramming concepts instead of understanding them. One can stuff answer in brain to a limit only which is also not much fruitful.

5. Continuous pressure

Spending hours on one question or over one concept frustrate students the most. Continuous pressurizing yourself make you feel stressed without any gain. Even getting scolded from parents, increase the hatred for subject.

6. Set math as fear

The thought of dealing with numbers and difficult concept like trigonometry, algebra freak the most of students. Maths appears them as a witch trying to play with their brain. There are various reasons behind such fear such as parental pressure, conventional teaching system etc. Student and their mentors need to work over their phobia of math more than their concepts.

7. Stamp of average

Students who are weak in Math get the stamp of average student for the whole session or sometime for whole school life. Even sometime teachers pinpoint them and mock over their inability to perform good ever in future. Simultaneously, ignorance is also felt from classmates while discussing the problem.

8. Score remain low

As students lack interest and confidence in the subject consecutively lower the grades .Such students are in need of motivation, self-assurance and some guidance by a mentor that can help them to come back on track.

9. ‘Teacher’ the ultimate enemy

Who can forget those parent -teacher meetings, full of embarrassment and insults when teacher is pointing your every weakness as if taking some revenge though there intention was to aware your parents about your progress in Mathematics.


10. End of expectations

Without a doubt, Math is used in every aspect of life. Though no one use sin, cos ,tan in normal life. Since both science and commerce streams use Math as core subject, a lot of hope and  career option end while being in tenth and so your and parents ‘ expectations.

By-Anushikha Chaudhary



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