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‘Where is Shyama Prasad Mukherji College? Is it in Delhi University??’ these questions are heard by almost every other SPM student. A rarely known yet well-developed college, located in West Punjabi Baghhas its own glory that only a SPM student will know about. Are you one of them? , then you can relate these things:-

1) Girls and Girls

Being a Girls college, here you will find different kind of girls. The Fashion Queen with high heel ,thatSpecs girls always busy in running errands,that library lover and the one who have boyish hair cut etc. etc.  Here everyone have their own unique fashion so it is bit difficult to entitle everyone.

2) ‘Dhakkad Girls’

You don’t need to hang out with boys when ‘Dhakkad Girl’ in sports uniform along with sneakers is there. They are always there to protect you from any violent or non-violent situation. They have their own class and are especially highlighted with their dress up. College proud on you girls!



3) Look at the Infrastructure bro…

If you ever ask a fresher ‘Why you took admission here?’ the first and foremost answer will be ‘Well, I like the infrastructure and cleanliness here ‘. ‘Rajiv Gandhi Auditorium’ is our pride because there can be no other place to sleep peacefully in AC!

4) ‘Abhi to Party shuruhuihai’ – Election

In Election days,from the nearest metro station to college gate you will find politicalparty volunteers at every two steps giving youpamphletsuntil you end uphaving your own bundle of pamphlets. Trips, Movies and Parties being the perks of elections are totally organized and managed by girls. And the celebration of winning election is again done by throwing party and dance on thundering beats of’Dhol’.

5) Fest –‘Reason to bunk classes’

With the New Year, everyone start their preparation for College fest ‘ SRIJAN’ and other Departmental fests as coordinator or volunteer. Being active in them gives you a good reason to bunk boring lectures and add an extra point in your resume.


6) Library, the Source of NSS attendance

Even with well-equipped facility of books, Wi-Fi and computer, there are more number of students busy in dusting in Library rather than reading a book there for NSS attendance. You see Cleanliness is in our veins!


7) Sports/NCC/ NSS

SPM Collegeprovides every kind of facility to stimulate students in Sports, NCC and NSS by providing well-furnished and equipped basketballcourt, Hockey ground and gym. Watching NCC girls in Uniform showcasing their abilities is worth to see and on other hand NSS integrate different activities to engross student toward social services.


8) Activity venue- near statue

Being in societies always give you a chance to flaunt your hidden talents. The most renowned Ecology club of college and the NukkadNatak peeps always manage to get attention and gather masses . “near Statue” is one of the famous site inside college to gather students for any purpose.


9) ‘1 to 4 food café’ is life

Though college is connected with different mall of Rajouri for hangout but if you are in short of time then “1to 4 food café “the small treat Adda” of student is always available at your service.


10) Zero percent male dominance

‘Freedom’, this is what every girl personally feels her. You can do what you want, wearwhat you desire and can live the way you long for. If you are tired of male dominating society then this is the place you deserve. No comments, no offence!

By- Anushikha Chaudhary



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