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Hindu college has one of the best locations among Delhi university colleges, right in the heart of north campus.


Taking a turn at Chhatra Marg and passing by DSE and Green cafe, (don’t forget to munch in that bhelpuri on the way) you’ll find that Red entrance which can steal your heart just at once. Hindu college written in bold. This place has got all you wish for. Those red brick walls, the green surroundings and the cozy vibe, this college is a complete charmer.

Kids all across the nation and even beyond, dream of studying at Delhi University and in Hindu college and step in here with their outstanding mark sheets.



Environment and people can not be more friendly and inclusive like the ones found here. Seniors helping out freshers in admission procedure might have future motives, but some bonds built at this phase last for those precious three years and even beyond.

WALL OF FAME, Hindu Alumni who proved their mettle to the world now grace this wall on either side of the auditorium. We may have never shared but on the day of orientation, we all wanted to have our own frames on those walls someday.

Wall of fame has a long way to go but for now @Humans.of.Hindu is doing a little job.

What Bharat Ram center, BRC as we say it, is actually for? It’ll take few days to unveil for freshers.

Sitting and chilling around in the canteen, who has not talked about the iconic ROCK STAR scene. Chor gali is truly a boon for every other person who needs to reach Kamala Nagar really quick. Hindu college has a pretty impressive infrastructure and is very close to all the cafes and markets we wish to explore after classes. (even by bunking few).

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  • Odd semesters in Delhi university are all about the department and parliamentary elections, campaigning, rallies, face off, dosti -Dushman. Then post-victory/defeat trip. Hindu college even has a prime minister’s office and the legit cabinet too. We do it for real here. (Ek PM India Ki parliament aur ek PM Hindu Ki parliament me, we all have boasted this line at least once).
  • hindu college hindu


  • Getting the opportunity to be a part of that victory dance and Holi celebration In-front of Hindu college boys hostel after winning elections is no less than a lifetime achievement.
  • Even semesters are lit by society and cultural fests (mushaira, vaktavya to name a few) and MECCA – the big daddy of college fests. Sports ground unites us all intaking Vitamin D in winters.
  • Manish bhaiya and his samose will always continue to steal the limelight and PAM uncle got no chill. If you ever visit Hindu college, do drop by at PAM, tandoori pasta, Pam burger and other eatables there will surely steal your heart. Hindu college canteen got admirers all over the campus. Paneer naan, rolls, dosa and a lot of items are a must-try here.
  • So what if ACAD block is for science department, it’s the ultimate hangout spot for all hinduites.
  • V-TREE pooja, the most unique celebration of valentine’s day one has ever seen might be fun for some and controversy for others but every Delhi university student has once wanted to witness it.
  • BRC be the photoshoot location of Hindu college and a short break spot for some (if you know, you know).
  • Talking of societies NAKSHATRA , the fashion society of Hindu college is truly unbeatable and Ibtida is just way beyond words. That day 1 play by IBTIDA in the library lawns got all of us wishing for once at least to join dramatics. Ibtida is the Hindu college dramatics society established by Imtiaz Ali when he was a student here. (how can we not mention that)
  • Others are Arambh, srijya, adhrita, vagmi, vivre and many others adding feathers to the cap.
  • Hindu college principal lawns has a separate fan base and the Eco balcony is always lit. Who can overlook Foyer, the dharna spot.
  • Ibtida lawns, NSS lawns, Zoology lawns, C-tree, sports complex these are not just places, we have made lifetime memories here and are going to remember these names wherever we go. Founders’ day celebration and the food served is just worth mentioning.

hindu college science block

College life here in Hindu college is a complete package. Hindu college is renowned for it’s highly inclusive and positive political atmosphere and the least DUSU interference in college elections while comparing to various other Delhi university colleges.

Hindu offers you everything, one can wish for. From skills like dance, music, art, debate, dramatics, quizzing, sports to life skills like serving the society through NSS, CDF, ENACTUS you get it all here.

Disha , the placement cell of Hindu college and Abhyas, the internship cell of Hindu college even assists you with in the internships and placement goals. College secured NIRF ranking 2 last year which clearly justifies it’s worth.

Click here to check NIRF Ranking

For anyone who wishes to explore beyond their books, this is just the right place. Once you get admission here, make best out of it. Explore and participate as much as you can and develop your personality. As they say it “hinduites are dynamites”.

For those seeking admission and wish to know more, refer to http://www.hinducollege.ac.in





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