Kalindi College is an all-women college of Delhi University.  ‘FREEDOM’ and ‘COMFORTABLENESS’ is what we actually feel here. Being an off-campus college and an all-girls college many people do not know about it. Yet the college is known for its fests and especially for its journalism department and its well-equipped labs. Located in Delhi’s one of the best residential areas. Hence, it is easy to find safe accommodation. Though it is not a very cheap place to live.  Kalindi is located in Rajinder Place which is also known as the UPSC coaching hub.

Table of Contents

Kalindi College1. WARNING:  Its’s A No Man’s World.

You would not find even a guy in 600 proximity of Kalindi college and so is the management very strict about it. What you see in front of the college are the gola vale bhaiya, rickshawvalas. Plus being in a residential area you only get to see uncles and aunties on your way, some judging you “No offense”.

2. The Nescafe Hub

Coffee, Maggie along with some conversations and hot gossip is what this place is for. A perfect place to have discussions, debates, gossips about teachers and friends along with some snacks like coffee, tea, burgers, sandwiches, and many more.

Kalindi College3. The Photocopy Shop

The ‘Photocopy shop vale bhaiya’ is the most demanding personality of the college. None of us could have survived our exams if we had not got our notes photocopied from him. Though it is a terrible place to deal with but becomes our only savior at times.

4. Okey-Ish Crowd

You would find three types of girls here-

Girls hailing from affluent families who would be generally good looking and married off just after college.

In respect to commerce background, there would be girls who have just dotted 90 percenters and couldn’t get any other college for B.com(Hons) and Eco(Hons).

And the low percenters hailing from not very high percentage cut-off courses like Bachelors in Arts ( B.A) and such vague streams.

5. Courses

Kalindi college is one of the most known colleges in D.U. for journalism and learning professional photography due to its well-equipped labs. Mind you, apart from the above courses take admission only if you are getting Eco(Hons), B.com(Hons) or some reputed science course.

6. The Security Check

Whether you are from 1st year, final year or an ex-student you can’t really escape from the security guard when it comes to entering the college. You have to win this game of showing your identity card if you want to enter the college.

7. Selfie Points

Butterfly Conservatory, August Kranti Park, TRI ground are some of the famous selfie points of the Kalindi college. These are the places all green and provide the girls with the perfect background for the photo sessions and also a perfect place during their free time.


8. Good and Bad Neighbours

We have Café Coffee Day, Domino’s, IMLY a family restaurant and many more but these places are not at all pocket-friendly for students.

But we do have a shop called ‘Blue Hut’ famous for its dosa, chowmein, idli five minutes from our college. We also have a Maggie point just behind our college if you want to try different varieties of Maggie like cheese Maggie, vegetable Maggie.


Kalindi College9. Fest Days – Best Days

With the coming up of the fest “LEHREN” and many departmental fests everyone gears up for the preparations which also gives us a chance to bunk our lectures or to explore more part of the college.


Kalindi College10. Girls Girls Girls Everywhere

Here you will find different kinds of girls. From the book lovers to the gossip queens to the fashionistas and the boyish haircut girls and not to forget the sports and NCC girls with whom most of the girls are afraid of. You have to deal with all. Yet we are all proud of each other. The college is proud of us.



~Preksha Mishra





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