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Most of us have a squad which is full of unique human species. Definitely you see them as stupid douche bags hundred times in a day. Still you can’t disagree with the fact that you can’t spend one day without them.Everyone feel that their squad is the coolest squad than other. So have you done these things with your squad? If not, then put them in your bucket list and complete these goals together.

1. Go for trip together

There is nothing quite like traveling with your squad. A trip together with friends gives you so many crazy and hilarious moments.  Traveling together make bond stronger and fill you with so many memories.Even a boring bus or train journey becomes exciting when you are with your squad. A road trip is also not a bad idea to try out with your squad.

2. Tour the town

Going to pubs and eateries for hanging out with friends is something that everyone does. This time discover exciting places in your town or city. Visit all those famous monuments and parks with your squad you have heard of in your town. You can even plan a small picnic at such places and spend time having chit chat.

3. Take Group-fies

Groupfie is a marvelous invention for capturing the moments that you want to relive again and again. Capture your funny or weird moments with your squad. Try different poses with your antic friends you are blessed of.

4. Try new things

There are number of things that you should try out with best friends. You can always try cooking together and host a dinner party for yourself or can go for some indoor activities like playing board games or have a karaoke night with your squad. Look for the things and activities that interest you and your squad and try them.

5. Move in together

Moving in with your squad for at least one month should be an ultimate goal. Honestly, moving in with your squad is more like a challenge than dream come true. Not every day is like watching favorite series together having pizza. Some days really put you through ultimate test of friendship. You learn about each other more closely and learn to compromise as well.

6. Watch the scary movies

Watching scary movies are a lot of fun in theater, but once you should also try watching scary movie at home with your bffs.  You can add different challenges to make the night scarier. Turn off the lights, make it a dark room and close the windows. Check out the scariest collection of decade to scare the crap out of your squad.

7. Get Active

Join any group class together with your buddies. Getting indulge in an activity together with your squad maintain a little bit of peer pressure, friendly competition and give you motivation. Bringing your buddies in your fitness class can turn them in fun and enjoyable class. It could be anything like cycling together, yoga, gym or dance class etc.

8. Go for late night drives

Late night drives must be in bucket list of every squad.  They are magical in their own way. It’s amazing to witness how such alive city reach to tranquility and draw you in its calmness. Steal such a night away from chaos and buzzy life to some indefinite destination and be yourself with your friends.

9. Make own dance videos

Not everyone knows perfect moves of dance but one should always join friends in dance. Dance is an outlet of happiness and there is no other best way to express it. Dance like no one is watching. Make funny dance video of your squad and later watch them together.

10. Become a family

We come across a lot of people in life and those who stay in both good and bad times turn out to be true friends. Friends become family when they understand you, listen you without judging and share everything anytime. The last goal of your squad should be to have bonds as strong as blood relations.

Either friends are school buddies or college mates, they are hard to find and it’s even more challenging to discover true friends. Actual friendship includes roasting, lot of laughter and a little bit of fights as well. Enjoy every moment with them till the time they are with you because what remains in the last is memories. Gather such beautiful memories with your squad!

Anushikha Chaudhary


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