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Final year students know how it feels to look back at the journey of three years which started with nervousness and tension. It feels like yesterday only we took admission here in our second home which is called the college and all these three years we kept on sulking about our college. But yes, in the end, we love it like our home only. The blissful time we have spent here will always be missed. Here are few things that a final year student will experience after exams result.

1. A sudden alarm of career

In three year of college life, student has a distance of miles with words like ‘ Placement’, ‘Job’, ‘Career’ and etc. etc. But as this sweet beautiful journey come to an end, student start being conscious of the existence of such words. Exam result becomes the alarm and tension start creeping on the heads.



2. Nostalgia surrounds them

Never to attend morning class on time, bunking class, and gossips in the canteen, election time and parties and then the farewell, all these memories keep reminiscing in the mind of a final year student. The Feeling of nostalgia keeps on surrounding them.

3. Family or relative pressure

“Beta aage kya plan hai?”(Dear, what you will do next?) This question is easily heard from relatives. Suddenly they start having a deep interest in our life as if they are only one to care about us. Even sometimes family members give us a look as if we are sitting unemployed at home for years.


4. There is a freedom too!

After final year exam result, a long-awaited freedom is there. You are independent to do what you want or desire. No more morning alarms, getting ready for college or assignments and projects nothing! Now you can invest time in something useful like startups or internships.

5. Real world scare them

True, real world is full of hardships and several disappointments. As soon as student pass out from college, and witness what real world actually is, they become tense thinking about it. Facing real world as newbie for a position is not an easy task.

6. When things lead to Frustration

Not everything works in a way one wish for. After graduation some go for higher studies and some look out for jobs. In the process, several disappointments are faced by students. Failures which are a vital part of life make them feel frustrated and helpless.

7. Boredom at its peak

This phase is like a holiday but full of boredom. Students are just actually roaming here and there in search of something useful related to career.

8. Priorities get changed

People (friends)that once upon a time were your priorities come second now in the list of priority due to other things like job,career, placements etc. You know you miss them and want to give a part of time to them but still communication is less among you guys.

9. New personality

The biggest change students witness in their life is the change in personality.  This phase turn every immature teen to a responsible and mature adult who is concerned about his/her future. A quality of decision making gets endued in them.

10. “Sharmaji Ka Beta…”

And then every day is passed by hearing a constant comment from parents called “sharmaji ka beta..” who always have all the luck in hands,  either it is for some admission or some job but ‘sharmaji ka beta’ is always doing something extraordinary.

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Above all, it’s difficult to leave some bonds that were cherished for years yet we have to continue the journey of life as well. These prime years of your life have developed and improved you. It’s you now who have to come out of his/her comfort zone and face the challenges set by the world for you. It’s a phase of life where you might feel lost like every other student but don’t let this phase make you feel timid instead enjoy this phase, embrace whatever comes your way; it will carve the best out of you. You cannot escape challenges; they are part of life. Invest coming years into something that you want to cherish for the lifetime.

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Anushikha Chaudhary


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