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There are times when we connect ourselves to the story of TV series too much. Mostly, if it is a love story we cannot afford even to miss a single episode. Here are 10 television couples that validate the existence of odd couples whose stars were never meant to lie near each other.  If you have not watched them, then give a try to them .May be they become the reason to love ‘Love’.

1. Marshall and Lily, How I met your mother

The most lovable two characters ‘Marshall and ‘Lily’ from a wonderful piece of comedy “How I met your mother” show us different phases of a relation.  From being a college couple to fiancées, they married and eventually turned to working parents. In spite of difference in their desire and goals they were devoted to each other and grew as a family. Though in final episode story didn’t work as expected by audience but still these two characters inspire us to be in love.

2. Zoe and Hoban,Firefly

Hoban and Zoe surely give you relationship goals. They work together for a mission and later fall in love. Those lovesome moments when they wrote lovely poetry for each other or showed cute jealousy for each other make butterflies rabbles in stomach of viewer also. There are times when they disagree or get worried about each other but they never mixed professional and personal life. The way they respect and love each other make fans to watch the series again and again.

3. Homer and Marge,The Simpsons

There are hundreds of reason why this couple is worth admiring. Homer and merge are always successful in breaking the stereotype of dull romance after marriage. In their story, they bring youthfulness of each other and keep reinventing each other. They work as a team and know real meaning of team work. They have that eternal perfection that everyone desire in their lives.

4. Adam and Kristina, Parenthood

Patience, understanding, friendship, love, and humor everything can be witnessed in the lives of this couple ‘Adam’ and ‘Kristina’.  Where Adam know how to survive the relationship’s ups and downs, ‘Kristina’ is a faithful, optimistic and successful woman. Fighting through various struggles of life including a battle with cancer and financial stress they remain by each other’s side proving to be a true epitome of love.

5. Monica Geller andChandler Bing,Friends

At the end of season four, we witnessed a loving couple on the show, ‘Monica’ and ‘Chandler’. The two character are completely opposite of each other and still an adorable couple. The bond between a sarcastic boy and a disciplined girl seems hard to grow but their motivation to keep the relationship alive inspire us.  There were incidents when they compromised for each other giving us another reason to love them.

6. Ben and Leslie,Parks & Recreation

The factor that make them real life relationship model was ‘Sacrifice’ Ben or Leslie had to make a sacrifice for one another so the other could succeed. We saw Ben leaving his job to continue his relationship with Leslie and her job. They knew balancing between their work and marriage and still not giving up on their ambitions. Truly such TV shows make us to fall in love.

7. Amy and Rory,Doctor Who

The two fictional characters are another example on list that inspire us to love passionately. ‘Rory’ is a committed man in a relationship with an imperfect woman ‘Amy’. He prove his willingness to go to any extent for Amy and consequently proves to be the best husband. A must watch series that will show you how relationships are carried.


8. Pam and Jim,The Office

The TV show follow a usual love story between Pam and Jim. They go through the best and worst phases of life together. The long distance love relationship between them will surely give you tips to survive those distances and how they maintain it to the last. The strong emotion of love and other values toward each other make them a perfect couple.

9. Burt and Virginia Chance,Raising Hope

‘Raising hope’ portray a small and modest love story between ‘Burt’ and ‘Virginia’   . The show introduce the charm and chemistry that hardly another show can bought you into. Even their own son look for his parents’ relationship as epitome of love in the show.

10. Robb and Talisa,‘Game of Thrones’

Love story of Robb and Talisa may give you another reason to admire serenity of love. Their love made them lost a war and their lives. Robb and Talisa didn’t let the politics break their union, and even they resolved the issue of prior agreements to live a happy life together.

By- Anushikha Chaudhary




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