10 struggle that every skinny girls go through


 ‘Accept as they are’, everyone support this moral line because we know every person have some flaws and no one attains perfection. And then there are some skinny girls to whom we point out sarcastically intentionally or unintentionally.  It isn’t that they don’t eat and starve all day to be skinny. There are some other reason of being skinny including genetic factor and metabolic rate. Are you one of those skinny girls who have been part of stark and disparaging remarks by healthy people?  Do you also get compared to sticks and toothpicks?  Just like an overweight person here are some struggles faced by skinny girls.


1.”kuch kha liya kr”

These are the most insulting words told to a skinny girl. Like even for the first time someone meet us their most prompted question will be “Do you eat something?” and you be like “No dear, I never feel hungry, I just live on oxygen”.

2. Those loose clothes

You never find fitting clothes. The top you wear are oversized, the jeans you wear are loose enough and there are other girls flaunting there perfectly shaped body in fitting clothes. The biggest struggle of a skinny girl is to find fitting clothes and that must not be from kids section.

3. Belt, the supporters

You cannot go anywhere without belts. They are the only saving you from embarrassments like a best friend. Even some time you need to make an extra hole in the belt so that it can adjust around your waist.

4. Banned from donating blood

No, totally we are not allowed for this social cause. We are just banned from even thinking about it due to being an underweight girl. Even on normal day people doubt us if we get faint due to starvation. No, skinny girls are not that sensitive and prone to death.

5. And when it is a windy day…

A barbing comment most of us listen when it’s a windy day is “hold something! “. Oh! Thanks for telling us otherwise surely we would have flew away with pressure of wind.


6. Sarcastic laugh at your diet

When you tell your friends about how much you eat, they don’t believe you and have infectious belly laugh or when you eat with them they don’t believe you can eat all you have ordered.  That really hurts!

7. When they hold our wrist

The measuring technique used by normal people to measure your fat and weight is holding your wrist and snicker afterward. When they can see we are skinny, what is the point of measuring it? It is a struggle to listen them peacefully without wrecking their nerve out!


8. Hurting comments of overweight person

Ok, we understand overweight person oftentimes become object of comments and mockery but they do not need to take revenge from skinny people. Never insult us by saying “I wish I was like you “or “Take my fat “. They have other insecurities.

9. No, we don’t have eating disorder

People think that skinny girls have eating disorders and or are on diet. No we don’t have eating disorder; we eat like a healthy person. It is just that we can’t grow fat.

10. No need to work out

It kills when other people tell you that you do not need to work out. They should understand that we work out to be active and fresh and not for getting more slim. It’s the misconceptions among normal people. And the disheartening thing is when they get jealous of our flat tummy and we get jealous of their curvy body!

By- Anushikha Chaudhary



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