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‘Living away from home during college’ seems an idea full of fun and daunting as well. For students who have rarely spent time away from family , college is a time when you should try this out. Living away for particular time is not just for venturing but it indirectly inculcates lot of values in our life. There are fear in students and parents for the concept of ‘living away from home’ due to inconvenience faced by students . But these inconveniences prepare you for later stages in life.Sometimes a geographical distance is necessary so try and seek admission in college far away from home. Here are 10 reasons why living away from home during college is important.

1. Manage things alone

As you start living away from home, a sense of in-dependency come and you start learning and managing things your own. No more you need to ask your parents if you can do so or not. You have to judge things yourself and act upon them.

2. Explore the city

You get a golden chance of exploring the place as much as you can. Beside studies, you can give yourself a day to discover something new in the city or town you are living. Explore what is unique in their culture and you can account great experiences in your diary.

3. Manage money

Away from home simply means you cannot ask for money from your parents whenever you want. You will be given some amount and you have to spend whole month wisely with that only. You will learn how to deal and bargain for things. You will find a little satisfaction after bargaining even if the money you saved is very small in number.

4. For freedom

Your parents are not here and so they cannot restrict you from trying out new things in this new city like roaming for late night with friends on the streets or few hangovers. But yes all this should be done without ignoring safety.

5. Beside studies

Away from home means you have to do all the household chores yourself. From cooking to washing clothes you will learn everything. You cannot call your mom if something goes missing from your table or cupboard.  Either you have to find it yourself or start placing things carefully.

6. Make friends

Making friends is not a thing need to be told. Make friends, create beautiful memories with them till the time you are living in this city. Without friends college life is boring and with them you will find things more delightful and entertaining. They become one to care about you and in time of problems they act as a family.

7. Make youself-reliant

Living away without family aid integrates independency .You need to be responsible for yourself and find solution of your problems yourself. The distance between you and your home force you to use immediate resource for help and not to rely on family anymore.As we become self-reliant we become stronger to face obstacles and hurdles of life.

8. Break from family

Sometime break from family is necessary. It helps in developing one as a better person and nurturing relations in better way. When you will miss your family you will realize their importance and hence the love for family will increase. Plus point is that when you will return home you will get special treatment from family members!

9. Learn to adapt

Adapting to new life is very challenging. Living away from home totally changes your structure of day and priorities. Qualities like time management and setting priorities in life get indulge in your life.

10. New Version

The ultimate reason for why you should spend your college life away from home is for discovering yourself, compelling yourself for tough situation and therefore exposing your new version. This will teach you new way of living life and henceforth prepare you for future.

-Anushika Chaudhary


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