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Jawaharlal Nehru University Vice-chancellor Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit stated that 10% JNU students are ‘troublemakers’. As they think the university is the way to their political career. The rest of the students are not much politically engaged. 

Further, VC says the campus is not the place for violence or the path to becoming politicians. If they are this interested they should go outside and participate in elections. Though, the university remains active in politics. 

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Who thought university for political careers are in jail: JNU

Vice-Chancellor Pandit said, “10% of university students are involved in creating trouble. They think the campus is for building their political career but it’s not.” In addition, Pandit stated, “The University is the graveyard of political careers. Because as you know the last time it happened, those JNU students are in jail.”

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She complains about why such students are wasting their prime time. If they want to build a career in politics, they may go fight and fight elections. After all, India is a democratic country. “You students come here to study and learn. And, you are coming from a marginalized background. Thus, your families rely on you and have some hopes for you,” she added.

JNU students’ involvement in Delhi Riots 2020 

Several alumni who thought university was a political path for them are in jail. They are arrested under the stringent Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) for their alleged involvement in the 2020 Delhi riots conspiracy case. Students include Sharjeel Imam, Umar Khalid, Natasha Narwal, Kanhaiya Kumar and Devangana Kalita. Except for Umar Khalid and Sharjeel Imam, others got bailed. 

In recent years, many incidents of violence have been observed. The most recent is in April 2022, two groups of students clashed at the campus Kaveri Hostel. Because of allegedly serving non-vegetarian food on Ram Navami in the mess. 

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Furthermore, a masked mob stormed the varsity and targeted students belonging to three hostels on 5 January 2020. They bashed windows and furniture with stones, rods, and sticks. Moreover, over 28 people (including JNU Students’ Union president Aishe Ghosh were wounded. 




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