10 Must To-Do Things For DU Freshers


After high cutoffs and tough ECA trials, if you make it in Delhi University, then you entered the best and life-changing part of your life. Du freshers this is the time for you to shine, and don’t let anything dim that sparkle. It’s time to gear up Freshers!

Here are 10 Must To-Do Things For DU Freshers


1. Orientation Experience:

THINK of skipping it? Don’t even think of it. It’s like a school assembly, but orientation is a great time to know all the basics about your college, your teachers, your seniors and it gives you a clear picture about the place you’re going to spend your next three years.


2. Seniors Drama:

Afraid of seniors? DON’T, just be respectful and you will get the best mentors of your college life.

3. New Friends:

MOST IMPORTANT! School friends will stay, but the new place needs new friends. Know your classmates, talk to everyone. Be Polite. Don’t be over smart, just be YOURSELF.


4. Professors Se Bonding or Takrar: 

Good professors are hard to find, be respectful. Teachers have the innate ability to inspire you. A good professor can change your life.


5. Know the College:

 Canteen! Best Wi-Fi Spots! Adda! Don’t forget Our Lifesavers “Xerox wale bhaiya”! Make sure you spend some time in your own college rather than just the world around it.


6. Skipping the classes, BUNK!:

MUST after all “College mehai yaar”. It’s okay to miss the classes, but don’t miss the classes too commonly. But do that when you know you’ll benefit more from another activity than from the lecture you would attend.


7. Time for new experiments:

It’s the only time for new experiences, new experimentation. College is more about personal growth rather than classes, grades, parties. Develop yourself, enhance your leadership skills.


8. Best Part “ Cultural Society”:

In school, we are always busy with studies and very few of us join extracurricular activities. If you haven’t done this yet, then it’s time to do it – Join the fun, amazing societies. Give auditions for every society.
There is no harm in this. Auditions? Afraid of it. DON’T. Just be confident and put all your heart and soul for this. Remember, these societies lie at the heart of DU and being a part of any of these is an achievement of its own.


9. You can create your own society:

Dance? No. Singing? No. Drama? No. If no society quenches your thirst, then you can start your own. Delhi University is amazing because there are no restrictions.
Establishing your own society only takes completing a few forms with details of your idea and then getting supporting signatures. Running your own society is just AWESOME.


10. Enjoy it, Explore it, Don’t waste a second of your best part of Life:

College is not all about studies, it’s about exploring yourself. It’s about becoming a different person. Try everything once, be a part of everything in your college.
Don’t waste a second of your real dream. But don’t forget to enjoy it. First Year is the only time when you will be free. (No Tension, No Jyada Padhai).

The second and Third year will be tough. ENTRANCES, FUTURE STUDIES, STRESS OF CAREER sucks!

Prachi Agarwal


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