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We all have attempted at least some, in the list, No one can deny to not being a part of this slope. Here are some escapist lies, every one of us has presented to our parents, once in our lives.

1. This is the very frequent question comes from our parents, and we all are always ready with a positive revert.  ‘My studies are goings completely fine.’

2. Internet is the focal factor in lessons, it becomes categorically tough without an internet connection.

3.  Its compulsory for everyone to have a laptop, one cannot score good without it.


4.  ‘You called… I didn’t receive any call, maybe my phone is creating the problem. I think, I should get a new one.’

5. Night stay is very important to do well in exams, whole night study, discussion on relevant topics and plans on how to study further for exams are all the toil for the night.

6. Everyone gets the permission of doing things like party, trips and jaunts. It’s cool with the parents, these days.

7. ‘We are just classmates not even friends. Your doubt is absolutely pointless.’

8. ‘I am penniless, because I have spent all my money on books and stationaries.’ A very sensible child, you see.


9. The problem is not with the marks, it’s with the teacher or with the subject. Almost everyone, even the topper of the class, got the same range of marks.


10.  ‘This is the last mistake/want of mine. I would never do/ask anything after this.’ Frequently stirring passionate demand.

By- Niharika Sonkar


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